Have you checked your calendar? Time flies away and this is the year 2050. I am writing without using my own hands as we have been in the pursuit of better technology constantly. The “ThinkWrite” device is available after 2040 which can write easily what we think based on our brainwaves. Let’s rewind 30 years back and remember a terrible but impactful year of the 21st century. Yes, It was 2020.

The coronavirus came to the world when we were busy sending rockets to Mars and roaming around space. The tiny virus stopped everything and human could barely meet each…

IMAGINATION: Consequences of Global Climate Change

It’s the year 2100; we are living on a giant ship. Not every one of us got the opportunity to live here. We are one of the luckiest ones who have managed to have a little space on the ship. No lowland is above the sea water level anymore. They are under water with our resources as well as with our modern architectures. Some of the financially sound people like us have made this so far. But the so-called “far in the future “is not guaranteed.

We have a few lands above the sea…

Md. Fahim Hossain

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